FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS. A retrospective, clinical view: July-1999 to January-2005.

A retrospective, clinical view: July 1999 to January 2005.
(Article published on the Spanish Association for Family Constellations web according to Bert Hellingert)


– Brief historical reference
– What happens in constellation work?
– Observation of subsequent reactions.
– Prior reactions. Clinical case to illustrate.
– Other observations. Clinical cases.

Brief historical reference:
I graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Barcelona and since the beginning of the nineties, I have been researching the relationship between: Body – Mind – Human Energetic Field (integrating facts from medicine, psychology, philosophy and modern physics) as a result of which I have created my own therapy method within the field of Vibrational Medicine (based, scientifically, on the concept field of modern physics) or Ontomedicine (specific name given to my praxis).

In this method, the physical, emotional, mental and transcendental levels of the human being are treated simultaneously, always with the conscioius participation of the person, who replaces being a patient for being an agent of their own health and assumes an active and responsible role before their life.

In this context, I am used to the positive changes in life style and consequently, in the health of people.

In 1999, thanks to the insistence of my sister – Carmen Codina-, I discovered the Family Constellations. She considered that I, as a doctor, should know and practise them. I immediatly realised what a valuable therapeutic tool they could be, but I was also very aware that I was not destined to practise them as I already had enough with my normal praxis and open research. Also, to be honest, on seeing the profound perception and understanding that she had on the constellation mechanics, far superior to mine, it seemed the most sensible was to send her the patients open to being constellated.

Since then, I have been able to observe, that the aforementioned positive changes, were even more profound and the time needed for therapy became shorter.

The Constellations have turned out to be a wonderful ally for my therapy method. In Ontomedicine we restructure the order patterns which re-establish health, working from the conscious and indirectly, we progressively touch upon the unconscious. With the constellations we directly touch upon the inconscious which explains the shortening of the therapy time

Up until now, I have followed through clinical observations of about a hundred constellated patients and have noted some facts that could be of interest to us.

What happens in Constellation work?
I believe it can be compared to “ethereal surgery”.
During contellation work, what I call the unconscious knot – the generator of the problem the person is having – is liberated into space, from where it’s possible to see . Once there, and always respecting the movements and rythms of the Soul (in the Silence through which it expresses itself), the therapist (indicating the changes in the spacial situation and the phrases addressed to the soul) re-establishes the pertinent order pattern for each case until reaching, in the best and majority of cases, the solution image which is returned to the unconscious where, as from then, the integration process of the re-established order begins, which will become apparent in positive, objective changes in the person.

Observation of subsequent reactions:
Of course, each case is unique and follows its own dynamics; however, “generic” forms of reaction can be observed:
1- The person who identifies as true the reality which is shown and within the emotiveness which occurs in the majority of cases ( emotional therapeutic liberation ), in this case the result tends to be quick and positive.
This reaction tends to take place in people whose internal attitude is to really want to confront their problem and as we would say colloquially: they “go for it” and also have a considerable level of “consciousness of themselves”. Sometimes the re-establishing process wont be as quick, depending on the depth of the alteration and therefore, on the personal work the client has to face up to. But they always achieve it in the end.
2- The person, who after the constellation, feels “confused”.
This happens when the previoius conscious information the person has does not coincide with the unconscious reality shown. In this sense, the confusion the client feels is therapeutic as it is a result of the rupture in their pathologic or unreal mental schemes which, after the constellation work, will slowly reconstruct themselves into the new order shown, finally integrating it consciously.
3- The person who sees what there is but doesn’t want to admit it, they remain looking at the problem . This is a difficult and dangerous situation with two possible options:
A) There is a period of self-lament until the person accepts the reality and unblocks the process towards the solution.
B) They fall into being the victim , which is a “deathly trap” from which a problem can never be overcome. (Generator, in the long term, of invalidating illnesses).

Prior reactions:
As I have already explained, I treat people before the constellation, and have observed a curious thing, which is that in some cases, there are movements previous to the constellation. (I don’t know if it’ll be a constant or just something specific or if it’s related to the therapy in the middle of which it has occured).
This has always taken place during a therapy of my creation which I have called: Energy Harmonization Sessions (E.H.S.) which is a profound and potent work directed from the Conscience, where action is taken on all the H.E.F. (Human Energy Field).

Clinical case 1
A 30 year old woman, two months into psychotherapy treatment for shock and feelings of guilt; her ex-partner is in coma because he jumped from a 3rd floor following an argument.
In this case, I have the written words of the patient as, in gratitude, she wrote down and sent me her impressions on the therapy she had received.

“…I carried out two constellations, the first was to get rid of the guilt feelings that I still had or should have over the business of my ex-partner, which is perhaps what I was finding hardest to deal with at that time.

It was very quick and I was able to see that what had happened had nothing to do with me, he had the problem and unfortunatly, I was the one who had to experience it…”

(In the constellation, at which I was present, it turned out that “he was not available for her” because he was “stuck” to a very serious problem in his system).
My file from the session following that constellation reads: “Now I feel clean”.

“…The second one was within my family framework, this one was very emotional, areas were touched upon that left me very confused because hadn’t imagined that one of the pending subjects involved my grandfather, but I later calmed down.

The week before the constellation, when I was having the session with Àngels, I visualised my grandparents and my aunt walking and laughing, behind was my crying mother, presumably due to her parents ignoring her; seeing this situation made me feel really sorry for my mother and after carrying out the constellation I saw the meaning that what I experienced in the session could have…”

For my part, on my clinical history I have registered:
30-6-2004: After a few days of rest she feels that: It has been like facing up to life and she feels “liberated”.
E.H.S: She has felt as if she was entering a whirlwind and seeing her maternal grandfather with a white aura and that the light was passing onto her. Then she has seen her maternal grandparents holding her aunt’s hand and her mother behind, crying.
….”I’m transcribing it as I don’t know if we’re moving towards the next constellation, which will be on 11/07/04…”
….”I was working on the 3rd CH (chakra) and on moving on to the 4th CH. She has returned to the whirlwind and the conscience of “here”.

Other observations:
I find the constellations are a great complementary therapy. As I have already explained, I frame them in the general context of my Ontomedicine method, in which there is a support before and after.

However, in some cases the problem is resolved only with the constellation, for example:

Clinical case 2
A 49 year old man, director of a bank branch, happy with his work and company. For the last 6 months he has suffered from anxiety, lack of air, revulsion toward food, insomnia, a mountain is made out of any small thing; it has been sudden, for one day to the next. Now even Mondays distress him and he wouldn’t go to work.
Married to a divorcée with a 20 year old step-daughter. A good family atmosphere.
Family background:
He talks of an unhappy childhood, his parents had problems between themselves. He felt loved by his mother but not by his father.
He realises that he has not overcome the death of his parents (father died at the age of 54 of silicosis, when he was 24; mother died at 80 of cancer in the pancreas, when he was 39).
Youngest of 6 siblings (+2 abortions). 4th brother died as a child.
3rd brother died when he was 39 (1 month after his mother)
2nd brother died when he was 44. ( lung cancer)
5th brother died when he was 46 ( lung cancer ).

He says he has overcome his brothers’ deaths.

In the constellation, respect for his parents is ordered. After which, Carmen makes him feel his deceased brothers at which point he breaks down in floods of tears and realises that “he had repressed his pain and that that was the load he was carrying”.

After which “he feels like a new man, with the will to live life and is happy”
Immediate recovery!!!

Reflexions on this case:
We often deceive ourselves with our conscious mind.
We must express our feelings if we don’t want to do extensive harm to ourselves.

Clinical case 3 :
A 43 year old man. Married with 4 children, happy marriage. Loves his trade as a carpenter.
The youngest of 6. A year ago, during the Christmas holidays, his 5th brother died in his home of a heart attack, on 22/12/2001. He thinks he’s overcome it.

On 30 . 12. 2002, after a trivial argument with his wife, in which he realises he got more worked up than normal, he feels dizzy, his body feels cold, sees himself dead on a sofa, feeling of death, expression of fear on his face (according to his wife). He goes to the Emergency Unit where all the tests are negative and he is sent to his G.P. to keep close control (as it could be a transitory cerebral ischemich frame).

Since then he has been “down”, not at all lively or happy. Reversal of sleep rythm.

The feeling of dizzynss is sometimes set-off by specific movements, he notices at an occipital level so puts it down to a cervical problem.( 3-1-2003).
Four days later (7-1-2003), I was urgently called to his house where I carried out a E.H.S. (after which I feel I have allienated a significant danger) and the following day, in my practice, he confesses that it had gone exceptionally well for him and that it made him aware of the enormous tension that he had and that the idea he had of death – a real danger –disappeared.

I sent him to have a constellation as soon as possible as I suspected something strange.

Result of the constellation, at which I was present:
It was exceptionally emotional and moving, his dead brother wanted to say goodbye and thank him for always treating him so well, after the farewell the deceased brother was left resting with his parents.

The attacks totally disappeared. (Over a year has passed).

Dra. Àngels Codina Farrás.
Andorra la Vella 11- 02- 2005
E-mail: angels.codina@
All the constellation cases have been carried out by Carmen Codina