EMDR: actually election treatment for Posttraumatic Stress

2014-03-26 15.34.45Last 3-26-2014 I did a clinical session presenting: “EMDR: actually election treatment for Posttraumatic Stress”, it took place in Ntra. Sra. de Merixell Andorra’s Hospital, addressed to the Andorran System of Health Attention (SAAS). People was interested and I had a very good feedbacks.

Further from presenting EMDR as a treatment of election – recommended for WHO-2013- for the Posttraumatic Stress treatment, I put emphasis in the fact don’t prescribe pharmacological treatment that may block the adaptative information process that occur in EMDR treatment; I explained too the perfect complementarity between this thérapy and ONTOMEDICINE.

To conclude, I did two propositions:

1– To create a Therapeutic Innovation Department and do a pilot proof

2- Invitation to all the professionals that can be interest in it, to form an investigation team

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