Angels Codina

Angels Codina

I am ÀNGELS CODINA FARRÀS. I gained a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at Barcelona University.

I have always had a “thirst for knowledge” and as a consequence I like extending my knowledge in all kinds of subjects.  Unlike the current tendency to over-specialize, I believe that knowledge –on the whole- is all interconnected although, naturally and for pedagogical purposes, it is divided into the different recognized subjects. We should not, however, allow this to lead us into the present situation of “being unable to see the wood for the trees” or, in other words, that the detail should prevent us from seeing the whole, with which it creates a Unity.

In my early adolescence I knew I wanted to be a doctor, on the one hand I wanted to ease people’s suffering and on the other, there was that thirst for knowledge – the philosophical mind I have – which was pushing me to question myself on the meaning of Life in general and of my own life in particular.  I thus started in Medical School with the idea of trying to discover the “essence of mental processes”, convinced as I was of the importance of the process of thinking in the development of our lives in particular and in the evolution of the human species in general.

Following this thread, since the beginning of the nineties, I have been carrying out  personal clinical research on the relationship: Body-Mind-Human Energetic Field, a result of which I have devised my own therapeutic method: ONTOMEDICINE, which integrates knowledge on medicine, psychology, philosophy and modern physics.

Over the years I have also qualified in a variety of complementary areas such as: Floral Therapy, clinical and sport Sophrology, Dietetics and Nutrition, Phytotherapy, Homeopathy, Family Constellations and EMDR.

I have also taught, both on a private and university level, in many of these areas.

I have devised techniques of my own creation and/or re-devised existing techniques but implementing them with which I achieve a greatly efficient therapeutic aid: Psy.control, Ki- Breathing, Sessions of Ki Field Harmony Experience.

Finally I have created the Course on Self-Recognition (workshops to experience introspective knowledge) in order to Expand the Conscience, aimed at discovering, implementing and practicing One’s Own Personal Power. It is about working on what I call the Immaterial Human, developing the multiple capacities and/or “intelligences” (beyond those that we use commonly) which we potentially have as a species. These have specific applications in various areas: Health, Education, Business and Social.

The final aim is for the Person to recognize themselves as a “Dignity” and emanate the interior harmony achieved beyond itself, in concentric circles: family, social surroundings, city, country, until it includes Nature in all its extension and glory.

Many years ago, when presenting a book on nature in Andorra, I came up with the phrase: “What is known is loved, what is loved is respected”.

Those who respect themselves know how to respect others and their surroundings.

Interrelational problems are always created – without exception – by those who are not happy with themselves.  The ability to transcend this level of conscience to one higher, in my opinion, lies in each and every one of us, conquering the inner Peace.  A person with Inner Peace becomes a pacific Citizen and by default, collaborates efficiently in the creation of a better society.

At present I manage the INSTITUT ONTOMÈDIC DRA. CODINA in Andorra (Europe), where the Person is accompanied from the perinatal stage and birth to the final moment, throughout the whole Vital ProcessHealth is dealt with in an Integral way, focusing on Education and Prevention, with the aforementioned aim of discovering and practicing One’s Own Personal Power: EMPOWERING PEOPLE!