Àngels Codina

Angels Codina

I am ÀNGELS CODINA FARRÀS. I gained a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at Barcelona University.

I have always had a “thirst for knowledge” and as a consequence I like extending my knowledge in all kinds of subjects.  Unlike the current tendency to over-specialize, I believe that knowledge –on the whole- is all interconnected although, naturally and for pedagogical purposes, it is divided into the different recognized subjects. We should not, however, allow this to lead us into the present situation of “being unable to see the wood for the trees” or, in other words, that the detail should prevent us from seeing the whole, with which it creates a Unity.



Ontomedicine (the medicine of the Being), is the name I give to my specific praxis within V.M.. It is the result of my personal research, since 1990, into the relationship between Body-Mind-Human Energetic Field (H.E.F.) which integrates information from medicine, psychology, philosophy and modern physics from which I have created my own therapy method. Read More→


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